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Yoshimitsu Takako
Associate Professor
Affiliation Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education
Discipline German
Academic Degrees Osaka University of Foreign Studies Master
Research Fields Humanities; Linguistics; Foreign language education
Research Keywords German as Foreign Language / Learning Strategies / Language Education Policy / Development of Curricula
Comments I started learning German because I happened to pass the German language department, but I went to Germany twice when I was an undergraduate student. I have been interested in German education since my undergraduate years, and when I was a graduate student, I took a half-year German teacher training course at Goethe-Institut in Munich. I came to Hiroshima University after working at the Goethe-Institut Osaka for 7 years. I'm still having a lot of fun and difficulty of teaching German.I want everyone who studies German at Hiroshima University to not only learn German and German culture, history, and society, but also improve their reading and communication skills in Japanese and foreign languages.
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Topic Education/School/Language
SDGs 4 Quality education 5 Gender equality 10 Reduced inequalities 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions 17 Partnerships for the goals
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