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Uye Shin-ichi
Professor (Special Appointment)
Affiliation Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life
Academic Degrees TOHOKU UNIVERSITY Doctor of Agriculture
Research Fields Agricultural sciences; Applied aquatic science; Aquatic bioproduction science
Research Keywords Coastal waters, Inland Sea of Japan (Seto Inland Sea) / Food chain / Jellyfish / Ecological impact| / Sustainability / Zooplankton / Trophodynamics / Blooms / Environmental change / Bioresource
Comments Dr. Shin-ichi Uye, born in 1950, completed his bachelor and master degrees in Fisheries Science at Hiroshima University and was awarded his Ph.D. by Tohoku University in 1981. He initially studied the resting eggs of planktonic copepods, and expanded his research field to zooplankton production ecology through intensive studies on the population dynamics and productivity of major copepod species in Japanese coastal waters. Around 1990, he noticed a significant increase of unhealthy copepods coated in jellyfish mucus, and then gradually shifted his research interest to jellyfish biology. He has worked for a national jellyfish research project, STOPJELLY (<a href="http://tnfri.fra.affrc.go.jp/kaiyo/POMALweb/e-pomal.html">http://tnfri.fra.affrc.go.jp/kaiyo/POMALweb/e-pomal.html</a>) as PI, and an international project, Study of Blooms of the Giant Jellyfish, Nemopilema nomurai, as a co-investigator. He and his colleagues have made great strides in understanding the life cycle and reproduction of this jellyfish species whose massive blooms cause severe damage to fisheries. He organized the 4th International Jellyfish Bloom Symposium in 2013 in Hiroshima (<a href="http://home.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~ijfs/">http://home.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~ijfs/</a>).
Dr. Uye was formerly President of the Plankton Society of Japan (2001-2004) and also formerly President of the World Association of Copepodologists (2005-2008). He is currently Specially-appointed Professor of Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Hiroshima University.
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