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Tomozawa Kazuo
Affiliation Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Discipline Geography
Academic Degrees Hiroshima University Ph.D.
Hiroshima University Master of Arts
Research Fields Humanities; Human geography; Human geography
Research Keywords Economic Geography / Industrialization / Learning / Automobile Industry / India / Industrial Agglomuation
Comments As a faculty member of the Graduate School of Human and Social Sciences, Hiroshima University, I'm engaging in education and research in Human Geography. I also serve as an academic mentor in the Taoyaka Program for creating a flexible, enduring, peaceful society. Currently, I'm conducting three research projects:
1. Research on industrialization and labor markets in India
2. Geographical research on the transition to a knowledge-based economy
3. Research on the globalization of the automobile industry.
I have particularly focused on the first project as the director of the Center for Contemporary India Studies at Hiroshima University and as a representative of the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) from FY 2019 to FY 2022. Based on those research outcomes, I'm educating a wide range of human geography, with a focus on economic geography, urban geography, and geography of India. My students tend to be interested in industrial, commercial, and service industries, and urban and industrial areas. I also encourage my students to improve their independence and creativity.
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Topic Asia/Oceania
City Planning
Labour Issues
SDGs 1 No poverty 8 Decent work and economic growth 9 Industry, innovation, infrastructure 10 Reduced inequalities 11 Sustainable cities and communities 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions
Educational Programs [Bachelor Degree Program] School of Letters : Humane Studies : Geography, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage
[Master's Program] Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences : Division of Humanities and Social Sciences : Humanities Program
[Doctoral Program] Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences : Division of Humanities and Social Sciences : Humanities Program
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