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Associate Professor
Affiliation Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences(Health Sciences)
Discipline Nursing
Academic Degrees Kyushu University PhD
Research Fields Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Society medicine; Hygiene and public health
Research Keywords Global health / nutritional epidemiology / physical activity epidemiology
Comments In 2010 I completed my Bachelor degree of Medicine in nursing science at Central South University in China. I received my PhD degree in behavior and health sciences from Kyushu University in 2016. My research interests revolve around global health, health promotion, and disease prevention, with a primary focus on understanding the role of nutrition, physical activities, and other lifestyle factors in promoting maternal and child health, and the prevention of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and dementia etc, as well as functional disability and premature death. Within nutrition research, I explore the significance of dietary diversity in health outcomes and the impact of specific food groups such as fish and vegetables on chronic disease prevention. At the level of nutrients, I conduct research on nutritional biomarkers, such as the associations of circulating levels of amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins with the risk of chronic diseases. Complementing observational studies, I conduct research on implementing maternal nutrition education to improve maternal and child health outcomes. Additionally, I am involved in HIV prevention efforts among youths in Africa. In my work, I have employed a range of methodologies of epidemiology, from nested case-control studies and large-scale cohort studies to community intervention studies and implementation studies, from mixed model to risk prediction model development. I aim to translate findings into effective public health interventions.
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Topic Epidemiology/Virus/Infectious Disease
Society and Health
SDGs 2 Zero hunger 3 Good health and well-being 5 Gender equality
Educational Programs [Bachelor Degree Program] School of Medicine : Program of Health Sciences : Nursing
[Master's Program] Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences : Division of Integrated Health Sciences : Program of Health Sciences
[Doctoral Program] Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences : Division of Integrated Health Sciences : Program of Health Sciences
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