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BABA RYUTA Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Endocrinology primary aldosteronism / Cushing's syndrome / cortisol / Aldosterone / adrenal gland
BABASAKI TAKASHI Sexual function / Prostate cancer / Renal cell carcinoma / Urothelial carcinoma
Baba Takuya Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities Research on values in Mathematics education / Endogenous development / Lesson study and teachers' professional community / Lesson analysis / Social and cultural aspect of mathematics education / Ethnomathematics / Verb-based Curriculum
BONO HIDEMASA Biological Sciences; Genome science; Genome biology
Agricultural sciences; Boundary agriculture; Insect science
Biological Sciences; Genome science; System genome science
Agricultural sciences; Plant production and environmental agriculture; Science in genetics and breeding
Biology; Biological Science; Molecular biology
Biological Sciences; Oncology; Tumor biology
Biological Sciences; Genome science; Medical genome science
meta-analysis / BioDX / bioinformatics / genome editing / transcriptome analysis / functional annotation / public database / open source software / hypoxia / oxidative stress
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