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Carbon-Neutral Researcher


Carbon-Neutral Researcher

Researchers doing work related to carbon neutrality. (Hereafter referred to as Carbon-Neutral Researcher.)Carbon-Neutral Researchers work in a wide range of fields, including those outside of science and engineering such as social psychology, behavioral economics, environmental education, behavioral change, and administrative policy.

Name Research Fields Research Keywords
ADACHI YOHHEI Chemistry; Materials chemistry; Organic and hybrid materials Boron Conjugated polymer Fluoride Ion Sensing Solid-state fluorescence Organic dye Organic field-effect transistor Dye-sensitized solar cell Organic thin film solar cell Mechanofluorochromism
Imae Ichiro Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Polymer chemistry
Chemistry; Materials chemistry; Polymer / Textile materials
Thermal Battery (Thermoelectric Device) / Smart Window / Oprganic Photovoltaic (OPV) / Graphene / Lithium Ion Battery / Organic Field-Effect Transistor (OFET) / Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) / Well-Defined Structure / Photo- and Electroactive Material / Optoelectronic Device / Organic-Inorganic Hybrid
IWAMOTO YOKO Mathematical and physical sciences; Earth and planetary science; Geochemistry / Cosmochemistry
Environmental science; Environmental analyses and evaluation; Environmental dynamic analysis
Atmospheric aerosol / Cloud condensation nuclei / Biogeochemical cycles between atmosphere and ocean
Ueki Tatsuya Biology; Basic biology; Animal physiology / Animal behavior physiology/biochemistry / metal accumulation / rare metal recovery /waste recycling / metal-binding proteins / membrane metal transporters / metal reductases / vanadium / marine invertebrates / tunicates / ascidians / costal habitats / marine bacteria / metal-accumulating bacteria
USHIKI IKUO Engineering; Process / Chemical engineering; Properties in chemical engineering process / Transfer operation / Unit operation CCUS / Supercritical fluids / Porous materials / Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics / Separation / Reaction / Equilibrium and transport properties
ENDO TAKASHI Agricultural sciences; Forest and forest products science; Wood science
Chemistry; Materials chemistry; Polymer / Textile materials
Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Polymer chemistry
Cellulose, nanocellulose, wood flour, pulp, composite materials, bioethanol, molding processing
Ohshita Joji Chemistry; Materials chemistry; Organic and hybrid materials Organosilicon Polymer / OLED / halosilane / Organic Semi-conducting Materials / Unsaturated Silicon Species / Element-block Polymer
Okada Kazumasa Chemistry; Basic chemistry; Physical chemistry Reaction Dynamics / Soft X-Ray Photochemistry / Elementary Reaction / Molecular Spectroscopy
OKAMURA YOSHIKO Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Energy-related chemistry
Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Bio-related chemistry
Engineering; Process / Chemical engineering; Biofunction / Bioprocess
Biological Sciences; Genome science; Genome biology
biopolymer / Marine Biotechnology / Biomineralization / microbial genome / metagenome / Photosynthetic bacteria
Ogita Norio Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Condensed matter physics II helium|Skutterudite / lattice vibration|superfluid / turbulence|Raman scattering / Haldane|photon correlation / lattice vibration|Raman scattering / Raman scattering / Kondo semiconductor / number fluctuation / spin Peierls / borides
Sakamoto Atsushi Biology; Basic biology; Plant molecular biology / Plant physiology
Agricultural sciences; Agricultural chemistry; Applied biochemistry
Agricultural sciences; Agricultural chemistry; Plant nutrition / Soil science
Plant molecular physiology / Adaptation/acclimation / Metabolic physiology / Phytohormone / Stress tolerance / nitrogen metabolism / Sustainable growth / Algal bioenergy / Plant biotechnology
SASAKI YUTAKA Engineering; Electrical and electronic engineering; Power engineering / Power conversion / Electric machinery Power Systems / Solar Photovoltaic System / SOC Management of Stationary/Mobile Energy Storage System / Uncertainty Management of Variable Renewable Energy System / Power Electronics Application Using Virtual Synchronous Inverter / Grid Management Using Distributed Generation Systems / Robust Unit Commitment, Day-ahead Generation Schedule / Real-time Generation Dispatch / Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Forecast / Energy Management System for A Disaster
ZHOU YIMING Social sciences; Economics; Economic policy Urban spatial structure, Economic agglomeration, Urban environment, International trade theory
JOZAKI TOMOYUKI Mathematical and physical sciences; Plasma science; Plasma science
Engineering; Integrated engineering; Nuclear fusion studies
Interdisciplinary science and engineering; Computational science; Computational science
Laser Plasma Physics / Numerical Simulation / Laser Fusion / High Energy Density Physics
SUZUKI YASUHIRO Mathematical and physical sciences; Plasma science; Plasma science Magnetic Confinement Fusion / Magnetohydrodynamics / Plasma Applications / Smart fluids / Imaging Diagnostics
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