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CHIMED OCHIR ODGEREL Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Society medicine; Hygiene and public health
CHOI SEON KYUNG Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skill Education / Vocational Education / Skill Development / Internal Rate of Return to Education / Labor Market Outcomes / Education Development
CHOI YONG BUM Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Materials / Mechanics of materials Intermetallic compound / Nano powder / Composite / Metal porous
CHOKYU Social sciences; Politics; International relations International Political Economy
CHOMEI YOSUKE Agricultural sciences; Agricultural science in society and economy; Agricultural science in management and economy
CHOSA KEIGO Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Radiation science Percutaneous Vertebroplasty
Chujo Kazumitsu Social sciences; Psychology; Experimental psychology human memory / text comprehension / psychology in teaching and learning / Mental Lexicon
Chung Yong Moo Mathematical and physical sciences; Mathematics; Basic analysis Dynamical Systems / Ergodic Theory
Clenton Jon Humanities; Linguistics; Foreign language education
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