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IBARAKI SOICHI Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Production engineering / Processing studies machine tool / metrology / motion accuracy / three-dimensional measurement / kinematics
Ichihashi Masaru Social sciences; Economics; Economic doctrine / Economic thought Comparative Economic Development / Econometric Statistical Analysis / Poverty Reduction / Input-Output Analysis / International Development / Industrial Structure / Graph Theory / Economic Dependency
Ichikawa Hiroshi Complex systems; Sociology / History of science and technology; Sociology / History of science and technology Russia / "The ""Eastern Countries""" / The Academy of Sciences / Atomic Power Generation / the Former Soviet Union / Nuclear Physics
Ichikawa Takayuki Engineering; Material engineering; Structural / Functional materials Materials for secondary battery / Mechanical Milling / Ball-Milling / Hydrogen Storage Material / Hydride
ICHINOHE TATSUO Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Hematology
IDE KENTARO Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical surgery; General surgery
IDETA SHINICHIRO Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Condensed matter physics I Solid-state physics Photoemission Time-revolved technique Strongly electron correlated system Superconductivity Electronic structure
IDOGAWA YUTAKA Humanities; Art studies; Art at large craft (ceramic art)
IGAWA TAKESHI Biology; Basic biology; Evolutionary biology
Biology; Basic biology; Genetics / Chromosome dynamics
Biological Sciences; Conservation of biological resources; Conservation of biological resources
Mitochondrial genome, Microsatellite, Genomic Evolution, Molecular Evolution, Evolutionary Biology, Phylogeography, Population Genetics, Landscape Genetics, Conservation Genetics
Iguchi Youko Humanities; Linguistics; Linguistics French / Semantics / Syntax
IIDA KOJI Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical surgery; Neurosurgery magnetoencephalography / intractable epilepsy / epilepsy / pituitary adenoma / severe head injury / epilepsy surgery / Brain tumor
IIMA MAKOTO Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Mathematical physics / Fundamental condensed matter physics free-surface dynamics of rotating flow / binary fluid convection / bio-fluid mechanics
Iinuma Masataka Interdisciplinary science and engineering; Applied physics; Optical engineering, Photon science
Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Particle / Nuclear / Cosmic ray / Astro physics
Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Atomic / Molecular / Quantum electronics
quantum optics / Quantum Foundation / nonlinear optics / Weak Interaction / Dynamic Nuclear Polarization / laser
Ikawa Kazuro Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Boundary medicine; Applied pharmacology drug informatics / therapeutic drug monitoring / clinical pharmacometrics
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