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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
MATSUO MIKI Bacteriology, oral bacteriology Antibacterial agents resistance Microbiome
MATSUO MUNEYUKI Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Functional solid state chemistry
Complex systems; Biomolecular science; Biomolecular chemistry
Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Biological physics / Chemical physics / Soft matter physics
Mathematical and physical sciences; Earth and planetary science; Stratigraphy / Paleontology
Origins of life / Droplet world hypothesis on the origin of life / Coacervate / Protocells / Artificial life (Alife) / Artificial cell / Active matter / Self-organization / Self-reproduction / Physical autocatalysis
Matsushima Akihito Environmental science; Environmental analyses and evaluation; Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals hydrogenation / enone / plant
MATSUSHIMA TAKESHI Humanities; Cultural anthropology; Cultural anthropology Shizengaku, Ecological turn, Umwelt, Zomia, Mental Health, Italy, Terrestrial, Cultures of fermentation
Matsuura Nobukazu Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities Middle School / teaching methodology of English language / English Ability / System of teacher education
MATSUURA SHINYA Biological Sciences; Genome science; Medical genome science
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Basic medicine; Pathological medical chemistry
DNA double strand break repair / Spindle assembly checkpoint / Radiosensitivity / Ciliopathy / Genome editing
Matsuura Taketo Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities Elementary Mathematics Education / Probability Concept / Curriculum Development / Elementary Education / Development of Learning Material
Matsuura Takuya Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities science education / meta cognition / evaluation
MATSUZAKI MEI Agricultural sciences; Animal life science; Animal production science
MATUBARA KIMINORI Agricultural sciences; Agricultural chemistry; Food science
Complex systems; Human life science; Eating habits
functional food / lymphangiogenesis / angiogenesis / Anti-aging
MATUMOTO MASATOSI Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Society medicine; Hygiene and public health
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Boundary medicine; Medical sociology
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; General internal medicine (including psychosomatic medicine)
Rural Health / Health Policy / General Practice / Medical Education
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