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Urabe Yukio Complex systems; Biomedical engineering; Rehabilitation science / Welfare engineering knee joint|knee extension torque / ankle and foot injury|ACL / Brace|sports injury / Knee joint / ankle joint / Knee injury / Ankle joint / Knee arthrometer / taping / Jump activity
URESHINO HIROSHI Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Hematology Tageting SLAMF7 by DNA demethylating agent in MM. / CML stem cell / Treatment- free remission in patients with CML / Polymorphisms of killer immunoglobulin-like receptor / Development of new DNMT inhibitor / AML/MDS / Chronic myeloid leukemia
USHIKI IKUO Engineering; Process / Chemical engineering; Properties in chemical engineering process / Transfer operation / Unit operation CCUS / Supercritical fluids / Porous materials / Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics / Separation / Reaction / Equilibrium and transport properties
USHIO KAI junior athletes disabled athletes medical checkup chronic pain
UTSUNOMIYA HIROTO Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Cardiovascular medicine Three-Dimensional Echocardiography / Structural Heart Disease / Valve disease / Heart failure
UWAIZUMI KOUKI Complex systems; Health / Sports science; Sports science Theory of Culuture on Body and Mind / Ecological Training / Tactical Periodization / Methodology of Soccer Training / Thought of Sport / Theory of Body
Uye Shin-ichi Agricultural sciences; Applied aquatic science; Aquatic bioproduction science Coastal waters, Inland Sea of Japan (Seto Inland Sea) / Food chain / Jellyfish / Ecological impact| / Sustainability / Zooplankton / Trophodynamics / Blooms / Environmental change / Bioresource
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