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Zaiki Kazuo Humanities; Philosophy; Area studies
Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
decline in birth rate and marriage rate, tendency to marry later, family building / super-graying society, family relations in aging period , compact city for the aged persons / mate selection difficulty in Japan / support of the elderly, work-family-balance / nursing home / fiscal reconstruction, government debt and bonds, reform of social security system, public pension, medical insurance system / transitional societies, tranparency, corruption, nepotism / nationalism, ethnic problems, state system / refugees return, returnees remaining, social integration of returnees, post-conflict society / area study, Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
ZHANG JUNYI Engineering; Civil engineering; Civil engineering project / Traffic engineering
Environmental science; Sustainable and environmental system development; Environmental policy and social systems
Complex systems; Social / Safety system science; Social systems engineering / Safety system
Environmental science; Sustainable and environmental system development; Design and evaluation of sustainable and environmental conscious system
Humanities; Philosophy; Tourism Studies
Engineering; Architecture and building engineering; Town planning / Architectural planning
Complex systems; Geography; Geography
Humanities; Human geography; Human geography
transportation policy|stated preference|Integrated evaluation system|sustainable urban life / panel survey|Urban Life|group decision-making theory|travel behavior|Urban Planning / life-oriented behavioral studies|cross-sectoral approach|sustainable urban development|city planning and management / time use|transit system|behavioral study|developing countries / environment|automatic guidance|Transportation Policy|car ownership / expectation and satisfaction|quality of life|Tourism Behavior|urban service quality / Evaluation|Policy analysis|household decision-making|activity dairy survey|Social Capacity for Environmental Management / continuous choice|Modeling|gap|public policy / low-emission vehicle|discrete choice|Subjective well-being|household travel behavior / Pattern Language|Environmental Policy|environment|individualized travel information|Urban System Design
Zoka Yoshifumi Engineering; Electrical and electronic engineering; Power engineering / Power conversion / Electric machinery
ZOLLET SIMONA Agricultural sciences; Agricultural science in society and economy; Agricultural science in rural society and development Rural revitalization; Urban to Rural migration; Lifestyle entrepreneurship; Sustainable lifestyles; Newcomer farmers; Alternative Food Networks; Organic farming; Agroecology
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