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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
ADACHI TAKASI Humanities; History; History of Europe and America Medieval Europe / feudalism
Ajima Noriaki Humanities; Art studies; Fine art history The Buddhist Painting
Akai Kiyoaki Humanities; Philosophy; Philosophy / Ethics Protrepticus / Eudemus / Aristotelianism / Aristotle
ARIMA TAKUYA Humanities; Philosophy; Chinese philosophy / Indian philosophy / Buddhist studies Early modern times Japan Chinese classics / Modern Japanese Chinese classics
ARIMATSU YUI State formation / Sociocultural Evolution / Western Asia / Civilization / Iron Age
Arimoto Nobuko Humanities; Literature; Japanese literature Modern Japanese Literature / Gender / Queer Criticism / Theatre Resarch / Female writer / MISHIMA Yukio
CHEN CHONG Humanities; Literature; Chinese literature Baishiwenji / Shiji
etoh yoshinori Social sciences; Education; Education
Humanities; Philosophy; Philosophy / Ethics
Social sciences; Education; Special needs education
Rudorf Steiner / Steiner education / Montessori / Education for children with developmental disabilities / Shinichiro Nishi / Modern Japanese Thought / Zen Buddhism / Peace / Nationalism / Theosophy
FUNADA YOSHIYUKI Humanities; History; History of Asia and Africa Mongol Empire; History; Asian History; Central Eurasia; East Eurasia; East Asia; Historical linguistics; epigraphy
Furukawa Masafumi Humanities; Literature; European literature German Literature / Judentum / Comparative Literature / Kafka
GOTO TAKUYA Complex systems; Geography; Geography
Humanities; Human geography; Human geography
Agricultural Geography / Agribusiness / Companies' Entry into Agriculture / Japan / India
GOTOU HIDEAKI Complex systems; Geography; Geography active fault / Geomorphology / Geographical Information System / Digital elevation model / Median Tectonic Line
GOTOU HIROSHI Humanities; Philosophy; Philosophy / Ethics Virtue / Value / Phenomenology / Person
GOTOU YUUTA Humanities; Philosophy; Philosophy / Ethics Nihilism / Nietzsche / Heidegger / Bioethics / Information Ethics
HAZAMA TOMOKI Humanities; Philosophy; Philosophy / Ethics philosophy of Hegel
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