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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
ABE MANABU Chemistry; Basic chemistry; Organic chemistry
Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Synthetic chemistry
Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Functional solid state chemistry
Complex systems; Biomolecular science; Chemical biology
Quantum Chemical Calculations / Orbital Theory / Reaction Mechanism / Organic Photochemistry
ABE MINORI geochemistry / heavy element chemistry / isotope fractionation / charge party violation / relativistic quantum chemistry
ADACHI YOHHEI Chemistry; Materials chemistry; Organic and hybrid materials Boron Conjugated polymer Fluoride Ion Sensing Solid-state fluorescence Organic dye Organic field-effect transistor Dye-sensitized solar cell Organic thin film solar cell Mechanofluorochromism
ADILIN ANUARDI human communication, human factors, physiological signals
AIZAWA HIROAKI Machine Learning / Computer Vision / Deep Learning
AKEBONO HIROYUKI Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Materials / Mechanics of materials
AMAKAWA SHUHEI Engineering; Electrical and electronic engineering; Communication / Network engineering
Engineering; Electrical and electronic engineering; Measurement engineering
Engineering; Electrical and electronic engineering; Electron device / Electronic equipment
Ando Jun-ichi Mathematical and physical sciences; Earth and planetary science; Geology
Mathematical and physical sciences; Earth and planetary science; Petrology / Mineralogy / Economic geology
mantle rheology / microstructure of fault / deformation microstructure / plasticity
Andrade Daniel Informatics; Principles of Informatics; Statistical science Machine Learning, Probabilistic Modeling, Natural Language Processing, Model Selection, Regression and Clustering Analysis, Bayesian Statistics
Arai Masazumi Mathematical and physical sciences; Earth and planetary science; Meteorology / Physical oceanography / Hydrology Kuroshio frontal waves, kyucho, internal Kelvin waves, bottom intrusion, the Bungo Channel / geostrophic turbulence, inverse cascade of energy, ageostrophic instability, loss of balance / tidal mixing, tidal front, the Bungo Channel / tidal vortex, the Seto Inland Sea, the Neko-Seto Strait / Kuroshio, Bifurcation Current, the Kii Channel
Ario Ichiro Interdisciplinary science and engineering; Applied physics; General applied physics
Informatics; Computing Technologies; High performance computing
Mathematical and physical sciences; Mathematics; Foundations of mathematics / Applied mathematics
smart structures and bifurcation problem / group theory & Nonlinear Mechanics
CHEN XINGCHEN Vibration control system / Steel structure / Building structure
CHIKARAISHI MAKOTO Engineering; Civil engineering; Civil engineering project / Traffic engineering Urban planning; Transportation planning; Risk analysis
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