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International Education Development Program

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
SAKURAI RIHO Social sciences; Education; Sociology of education intercultural understanding / Inclusive Education / Research on Diversity & Inclusion / Comparative education
SATO Nobuharu Humanities; Linguistics; Linguistics Linguistics / the Mongolian Languages / Baoan Language / Endangered Language
Shimizu Kinya Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities curriculum development|Secondary Analysis / Public Understanding|Scientific Literacy / Curriculum Foundation / timeliens of learning / basic / Science Curriculum / Student Attainment / International Educational Development
TANIGUCHI KYOKO Social sciences; Education; Education
Social sciences; Education; Sociology of education
Humanities; Philosophy; Area studies
International educational development, Educational planning, Education policy, Educational evaluation, Comparative education
WATANABE KENZI Informatics; Frontiers of informatics; Learning support system Educational Systems / Information Network
yoshida kazuhiro Social sciences; Politics; International relations
Social sciences; Education; Sociology of education
education policies of developing countries / International Cooperation in Education / skills development
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