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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
HONDA HIROYUKI Humanities; History; Japanese history
Honda Yoshichika Humanities; Literature; Literature in general Figures of speech / Indian Literature
IMAHAYASHI OSAMU Humanities; Literature; Literature in English
Humanities; Linguistics; English linguistics
Humanities; Linguistics; Foreign language education
philology and stylistics / Charles Dickens / nineteenth-century English / TEI and English Literary Texts
IMAMICHI HARUHIKO Humanities; Linguistics; Foreign language education contemporary German, corpus linguistics, language change, writing style in German and Japanese
Inai Tarou Humanities; History; History of Europe and America 領海 / 国王海軍 / Maritime / England in 16th century / political culture
ITOU NAOKO Humanities; Art studies; Fine art history Indonesia / Srivijaya
KANEKO HAJIME modern China's history / history of constitutional government in mudern China / history of administration and finance of central and provincial governments in modern China / Shanghai/Commercial and Industrial Trade Associations / Shanghai/trade system / Shanghai/administration of tax matters
KAWAMURA YUTO Humanities; Philosophy; Chinese philosophy / Indian philosophy / Buddhist studies Sanskrit / Vedic / Etymology / Grammar / Liturgy / Theology / Poetics
KAWASHIMA YUKO Humanities; Literature; Chinese literature Chinese Classics / Colloquial Chinese Novels of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
KOBAYASHI EKIKO Humanities; Literature; European literature
Humanities; Art studies; Aesthetics and studies on art
Drama of Lessing / German fables / Hypochondria and medicine in the German comedies in the Enlightenment age / German Comedies in the enlightenment age / History of German theatre / German lyric
Kubota Keiichi Humanities; Literature; Japanese literature waka in early modern period / the literary world of Tokugawa shogugunate / Reizei Tamemura / Terada Rinsen / wabunn| / Hiroshima feudal clan / Narushima Nobuyuki / Kondou Yoshiki / Tachibanano Akemi / Edo kyouka
LI LI Humanities; Literature; Literature in general
LIU JINPENG Humanities; History; Historical studies in general Postwar / History of ideas / Intellectuals / Asia / Modernization
LORRILLARD OLIVIER ALAIN french as a foreign language / progression / textbooks
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