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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
ISHIDA ATSUHIKO Complex systems; Biomolecular science; Chemical biology
Complex systems; Biomolecular science; Biomolecular chemistry
Biology; Biological Science; Structural biochemistry
Biology; Biological Science; Functional biochemistry
enzyme / protein kinase / protein phosphatase / phosphorylation/dephosphorylation / synaptic vesicle / bioanalytical chemistry
ISHIHARA YASUHIRO Environmental science; Environmental analyses and evaluation; Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Pharmacy; Environmental and hygienic pharmacy
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Pharmacy; Pharmacology in pharmacy
Agricultural sciences; Agricultural chemistry; Food science
PM2.5 / Glia / Environmental Chemicals / Oxidative Stress / Ischemia
Iwanaga Makoto Social sciences; Psychology; Clinicapl s ychology personality strait / Behaviorism / work environment / Cognitive Psychology / coping strategies / Psychophysiology / work stress / Anxiety / Psychological stress / Music
Iwasaki Katsumi Humanities; Linguistics; Foreign language education German Language Education / CALL / Software Development / e-learning / Corpus / parallel Corpus / Theory of Language / Machine Translation / Natural Language Processing
JANG KYUNGJAE Humanities; Philosophy; Tourism Studies Contents Tourism, Popular Culture, Regional Development
KAIGA SAKIKO Humanities; History; History of Europe and America
Social sciences; Politics; International relations
Modern History / International Relations / the League of Nations / War and Peace / Intellectual History / Social History / International Law / Public Opinion / Liberal Internationalism / Democracy
KASUGA AYUKA Humanities; History; History of Europe and America Britain, Modern history, Environmental history
Kato Takashi Complex systems; Health / Sports science; Developmental mechanisms and the body works motor control / spinal reflex / joint impedance / delayed feedback / mathematical model / human
KAWAI NOBUHARU Humanities; History; History of Europe and America Socialism, East Germany, Leisure, Ordinary Life and Politics, Modern German History, Political and Social History
Kawamoto Naoe Social sciences; Sociology; Social welfare and social work studies Nursing care / Foreign residents / Welfare / International students education
KAWASHIMA TAKAMUNE Complex systems; Cultural assets study and museology; Cultural assets study and museology Ancient salt production / Archaeology
KIDO MITSUYO Humanities; Literature; Literature in English Nineteenth-Century American Literature / Travel Writing
KITAKAJI YOKO Social sciences; Psychology; Social psychology social dilemma, simulation & gaming
Koike Seiichi Informatics; Frontiers of informatics; Library and information science / Humanistic social informatics
Humanities; History; Japanese history
Social sciences; Politics; Politics
Diplomacy / Disarmament| / Economical Policy|Archives / Foreign office|between the two world wars / document / navy|between the Two world wars / election / Japanese-Chinese-Relationship|military government / Japan / Southeast Asia|educational policy
KOMIYA ASUKA Social sciences; Psychology; Social psychology Culture, Socio-ecological approach, emotions, regret, decision making
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