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Integrated Arts and Human Sciences Program

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
TSUJI TERUYUKI Humanities; Cultural anthropology; Cultural anthropology
Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
Humanities; Philosophy; Area studies
Religion; Immigration & Diaspora; Race & Ethnicity; Gender & Sexuality; Social Capital & Civic Engagement; Trans/Nationalism; History & Ethnography; the Caribbean; the United States
UCHIYAMA NAOKO Humanities; Art studies; Fine art history 20th Century Art History, Modernisms, American Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Transnationalism
UWAIZUMI KOUKI Complex systems; Health / Sports science; Sports science Theory of Culuture on Body and Mind / Ecological Training / Tactical Periodization / Methodology of Soccer Training / Thought of Sport / Theory of Body
Wada Masanobu Complex systems; Health / Sports science; Sports science muscle fatigue / Skeletal muscle / excitation-contraction coupling / exercise / Isoform / sarcolasmic reticulum
WATANABE MAKOTO Humanities; History; Japanese history Hian era, foreign relations, trade, court society, native Japanese culture
YAMADA TOSHIHIRO Biology; Basic biology; Biodiversity / Systematics
Yamazaki Syuuji Social sciences; Management; Management business group / Industrial policy
Yamazaki Takeshi Environmental science; Environmental analyses and evaluation; Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals
Complex systems; Brain sciences; Brain biometrics
steroid hormone / Adrenal gland / brain / estradiol / neurosteroid / neuroprotection
YANASE YOSHIHARU Humanities; Literature; Japanese literature yukio mishima theory of literature literature of atomic bomb natinalism post-colonialism romanticism
YOKOYAMA TADASHI Mathematical and physical sciences; Earth and planetary science; Petrology / Mineralogy / Economic geology Rock, Mineral, Weathering, Dissolution, Diffusion, Advection, Pore water
YOSHIMOTO SANAE Social sciences; Psychology; Experimental psychology Vision / Motion Perception / Visual Discomfort / Visual Illusion
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