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Management Sciences Program

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
AKIYAMA TAKASHI Social sciences; Management; Management
Chikudate Nobuyuki Social sciences; Management; Management
Complex systems; Social / Safety system science; Social systems engineering / Safety system
Social sciences; Psychology; Educational psychology
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Society medicine; Medical and hospital management
crisis management and resilience in organizations / organizational wrongdoings / critical management studies / organization theory / organizational culture / corporate culture / qualitative research methods / phenomenology / corporate social responsibility / business ethics
HARADA TAKASHI Informatics; Principles of Informatics; Theory of informatics Mutual Exclusion / Distributed Systems
Kawamoto Takeshi Complex systems; Science education / Educational technology; Educational technology Academic writing / transcription factor / Circadian rhythm / cartilage / MSC / CLOCK / Chondrocyte / mesenchymal stem cells / DEC / Circadian rhythm
KIM JAE WOOK Social sciences; Management; Accounting Management accounting, Management control system, Performance measurement, Project, Balanced scorecard
MATSUSHIMA TAKESHI Humanities; Cultural anthropology; Cultural anthropology Shizengaku, Ecological turn, Umwelt, Zomia, Mental Health, Italy, Terrestrial, Cultures of fermentation
Ogashiwa Yoko Social sciences; Politics; International relations International Relations / regional cooperation/regionalism / transnationalism / Pacific Island Countries / Asia-Pacific / Sea Region
PELTOKORPI VESA MATTI Social sciences; Management; Management Human resource management; international business; organizational behavior
Ro Tou Humanities; Linguistics; Foreign language education intercultural communication / error analysis / conceptualisation/lexicalization
SEO EUNJI Social sciences; Management; Commerce Marketing / Sales Management / International Marketing Stretegy of Japanese firms
SOUMA TOSHIHIKO Social sciences; Psychology; Social psychology leader reward and punishment / exclusivity in personal networks / approach and avoidance motivation / child rearing / abuse / expansion of personal networks / interpersonal relationships / domestic violence / prevention
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