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Educational Studies

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
FUKUDA ATSUSHI Social sciences; Education; Education Educational Methods / Study of Guidance
Maruyama Yasushi Social sciences; Education; Education Ethics of Education / Philosophy of Education / Teacher Educator / Professional Ethics Education / Post-colonialism / Otherness / Professionalism of Teaching / Wittgenstein
MATSUDA YAKA Social Education / Lifelong Learning / Education Welfare / Social Pedagogy / Inclusive Education / Special Needs Education / Sweden / Nordic countries
NAKATSUBO FUMINORI Complex systems; Childhood science; Childhood science (childhood environment science)
Social sciences; Education; Education
Professional Development / Early Childhood Teachers / Qualitative Research / Early Childhood Education and Care Conference / Fieldwork / Comparative Culture
Nanakida Atsushi Social sciences; Education; Education young children / child rearing / childrenwith special needs
OGAWA MITSUHIRO Career Education / Youth Studies / Vocational Education & Training / Transition from school to job / Sociology of Education
OGAWA YOSHIKAZU Social sciences; Education; Sociology of education Comparative and International Education / Educaton for Ethnic Minoriteis / Graduate Education Reform / International Student Issues / College-bound Education / Teacher Issues / Global Education / Asia / China / South Korea
SANTOKI MAKIKO Social sciences; Education; Education
Soyoda Hirofumi Social sciences; Education; Education Organizational Development of Schools / Education of School Leaders / Educational Administration and Management
SUGITA HIROTAKA moral education / evidence-based educational policy and practice / bioethics / Wittgenstein / philosophy of education
TAKIZAWA JUN Social sciences; Education; Education Educational Administration, Educational System, Governance in Education, School Choice, Language Minorities
Yamada Hiroyuki Social sciences; Education; Sociology of education Teacher Training / Secondary School Teachers / Historical Sociology
YOSHIDA KANA Social sciences; Education; Education Higher Education Finance / cost of education / Student Financial Aid / equal opportunity in higher education
YOSHIDA NARIAKIRA Social sciences; Education; Education Educational Methods, Curriculum Studies, Lesson Study
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