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Secondary School English Language Education

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
KABIR RUSSELL SARWAR psychometrics, learner beliefs, self-regulation, interoceptive sensibility, self-efficacy in intercultural communication, relaxation, experiential learning
NISHIHARA TAKAYUKI Humanities; Linguistics; Foreign language education
Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities
Humanities; Linguistics; English linguistics
Humanities; Linguistics; Linguistics
Humanities; Literature; Literature in general
ELT using literature, pedagogical stylistics, empirical study of literature, literariness, literary language
OHCHI SHINSUKE Humanities; Literature; Literature in English American literature / William Faulkner
OHNO HIDESHI Humanities; Literature; Literature in English History of English Language and Chaucer's Langauge
Ono Akira Humanities; Literature; Literature in English literariness / teaching materials / content studies in English Language Education
Yoshinaka Takashi Humanities; Literature; Literature in English Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama / English Literature / English Poetry / Seventeenth Century / Andrew Marvell / Religion and Politics / human relationships / Garden
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