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Secondary School Social Studies/Geography/History/Civic Education

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
Hata Hiroto Social sciences; law; Fundamental law
Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
Professional Practice / Criminal Lawyer / Criminal Defense / Juvenile Correctional Guidance / Youth Development / Local Government / Legal Socialization / Juvenile section in Policing / Equal and Representative Election / Legal Education
KIM JONGSUNG Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities Jugyou Kenkyuu / Lesson Study / Research Methodology / Education for Mutual Understanding and Peace Education / Teacher Education / Social Studies Education
KIRIHARA TAKAHIRO Humanities; Philosophy; Philosophy / Ethics
Kumahara Yasuhiro Complex systems; Geography; Geography fieldwork / active fault / Himalayas
KUSAHARA KAZUHIRO Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities Citizenship Education| / Curriculum Studies / Research Methodology / Social Studies Education / Geography Education / instructional design, Decision making of Practice / Teacher Education, Professional Development
Morita Hideki Social sciences; Economics; Economic history land tax / landtax / economics
Yui Yoshimichi Humanities; Human geography; Human geography gender / Urban Geography / housing study / Urban study in India / geographical education|ESD
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