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FUNADA YOSHIYUKI Humanities; History; History of Asia and Africa Mongol Empire; History; Asian History; Central Eurasia; East Eurasia; East Asia; Historical linguistics; epigraphy
HONDA HIROYUKI Humanities; History; Japanese history
Inai Tarou Humanities; History; History of Europe and America 領海 / 国王海軍 / Maritime / England in 16th century / political culture
KANEKO HAJIME modern China's history / history of constitutional government in mudern China / history of administration and finance of central and provincial governments in modern China / Shanghai/Commercial and Industrial Trade Associations / Shanghai/trade system / Shanghai/administration of tax matters
Maeno Hiroshi Humanities; History; History of Europe and America Greek Inscriptions / Ancient Mediterranean World / Curse tablets / magic / Religions / culture / Colonization
NARA KATSUJI Humanities; History; Japanese history Meiji Restoration / Neo Confucianism / Treaty / Antibarbarism / Kōgi
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