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TAKAHASHI OSAMU Interdisciplinary science and engineering; Computational science; Computational science theory / trajectory calculation / potential surface / hydrogen bond / energy transfer / Auger decay / weak intermolecular interaction / unimolecular decomposition / core-excited
tate shinichi Biology; Biological Science; Structural biochemistry Protein structure / Protein structural dynamics / Anisotropic spin interaction / Nuclear spin relaxation / NMR
YASUDA KYOTA RNA localization, Cancer, Tubulin modification, Neurodegeneration, Stress granule, TDP-43, FUS, Cell polarity, Interactome, Live imaging, protein-RNA aggregation, Liquid-Liquid Phase separation, Local translation
Yoshida Hiroto Chemistry; Basic chemistry; Organic chemistry
Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Synthetic chemistry
transition metal catalyst / Main Group Organometallics / reactive intermediate
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