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Law, Political Science, Economics and Sociology

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
AKIYAMA TAKASHI Social sciences; Management; Management
ARAI MAKOTO Social sciences; law; Public law
ARAKI TAKAHITO Social sciences; Politics; Politics Politics, Politics of multiculturalism, Social integration, immigration policy, Canadian politics
ASARI HIROSHI Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
Caro-Burnett Johann
Chikudate Nobuyuki Social sciences; Management; Management
Complex systems; Social / Safety system science; Social systems engineering / Safety system
Social sciences; Psychology; Educational psychology
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Society medicine; Medical and hospital management
crisis management and resilience in organizations / organizational wrongdoings / critical management studies / organization theory / organizational culture / corporate culture / qualitative research methods / phenomenology / corporate social responsibility / business ethics
CHOI SEON KYUNG Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skill Education / Vocational Education / Skill Development / Internal Rate of Return to Education / Labor Market Outcomes / Education Development
CHOKYU Social sciences; Politics; International relations International Political Economy
Devahastin Patrick Humanities; History; History of Europe and America
Social sciences; Economics; Economic history
Social sciences; Economics; Economic policy
Family Economics / Discrimination / Gender and LGBTQ+ Economics / Labour Economics
Egashira Daizou Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology Family / Cause and Function / Durkheim
FUKUDA SATOSHI Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
FUKUNAGA MINORU Social sciences; law; Public law Administrative Law
GOTO DAISAKU Social sciences; Economics; Public finance / Public economy
Social sciences; Economics; Economic policy
Environmental science; Sustainable and environmental system development; Environmental policy and social systems
Hata Hiroto Social sciences; law; Fundamental law
Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
Professional Practice / Criminal Lawyer / Criminal Defense / Juvenile Correctional Guidance / Youth Development / Local Government / Legal Socialization / Juvenile section in Policing / Equal and Representative Election / Legal Education
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