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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
ASARI HIROSHI Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
Egashira Daizou Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology Family / Cause and Function / Durkheim
FUKUDA SATOSHI Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
Kawamoto Naoe Social sciences; Sociology; Social welfare and social work studies Nursing care / Foreign residents / Welfare / International students education
Kawano Noriyuki Humanities; Philosophy; Area studies Atomic-Bombs / Radiation exposure / Semipalatinsk / Chernobyl / Fukushima
KITANAKA CHISATO Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology gender / sexual harassment / academic harassment / domestic violence / gender-based violence / sience and technology / SOGI / LGBT
SHIN JAEYOUL Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology labor market, labor income, income redistribution attitudes, platform work, self-employment
SHIRAKAWA TOSHIYUKI Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
Social sciences; Education; Sociology of education
Sociology of education / Social stratification / Social mobility / Social statistics / Gender studies / STEM Education
SONOI YURI Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology Sociology
van der Does Luli Social sciences; Psychology; Social psychology
Social sciences; Psychology; Social psychology
memory, heritage, forgetting, war and conflict, reconciliation, forgetting, authenticity, legitimacy, atomic-bomb experiences, peace & tourism, media discourse and representations
WATANABE MEGUMI Family Sociology; Survey Methodology; Gender; Higher Education; Social Networks
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