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Polymer Chemistry

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
HIRAO TAKEHIRO Chemistry; Basic chemistry; Organic chemistry Supramolecular chemistry / Noncovalent polymer / Organic Chemistry
IMATO KEIICHI Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Polymer chemistry
Chemistry; Materials chemistry; Polymer / Textile materials
Polymer Chemistry / Functional Dye / Mechanochemistry / Photoresponsive Polymer / Molecular Machine / Molecular Switch
NAKAYAMA YUUSHOU Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Polymer chemistry polymer synthesis / polymerization / biodegradable polymer / poly(lactide) / Catalylst / metal complex
TANAKA RYO Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Polymer chemistry Organometallic Chemistry / Polymer Chemistry / Precision Polymerization
YUAN YE Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Biological physics / Chemical physics / Soft matter physics soft matter physics / liquid crystals / colloids
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