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Mechanical Engineering

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
Sugio Kenjiro Engineering; Material engineering; Composite materials / Surface and interface engineering
SUZUKI YASUHIRO Mathematical and physical sciences; Plasma science; Plasma science Magnetic Confinement Fusion / Magnetohydrodynamics / Plasma Applications / Smart fluids / Imaging Diagnostics
TANAKA RYUTARO Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Design engineering / Machine functional elements / Tribology
Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Production engineering / Processing studies
Machining, Cutting of newly developed materials, Cutting temperature
WADA NOBUTAKA Engineering; Electrical and electronic engineering; Control engineering / System engineering model predictive control / robust control / control system design using nunmerical optimization / gain-scheduled control / vehicle control / mechanical systems control
Yamada Keiji Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Production engineering / Processing studies Machiniing, Laser machining
Yamamoto Motomichi Engineering; Integrated engineering; Naval and maritime engineering
Engineering; Material engineering; Material processing / Microstructural control engineering
Welding / Laser process / Hot-wire / Elast-plastic analysis / Friction stir spot welding / Fracture mechanics / Welded structure strength
YAMASAKI KOTARO Engineering; Integrated engineering; Nuclear fusion studies plasma diagnostics / plasma / spherical tokamak / tokamak / magnetic reconnection / turbulence / tomography / nuclear fusion / plasma physics
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