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Integrated Engineering

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TANAKA SATOYUKI Engineering; Integrated engineering; Naval and maritime engineering Structural Strength / Ships/Offshore Structures/Steel Structure / Buckling/Ultimate Strength / Fatigue Strength/Fracture Mechanics / Stiffened Panel/Welded Joint/Tubular Structure / Computational Mechanics/Applied Mechanics / Finite Element Method/Meshfree Method/Particle Method/Peridynamics
Tanaka Yoshikazu Engineering; Integrated engineering; Energy engineering magnetic field / magnetic damping / NDT / fusion reactor / Energy harvesting / floating structure
YAMAMOTO TAKEKI Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Materials / Mechanics of materials
Interdisciplinary science and engineering; Computational science; Computational science
finite element method / mechanics of materials / computational mechanics
YASUKAWA HIRONORI Engineering; Integrated engineering; Naval and maritime engineering ship performance / tank tests / ship maneuverability / ship seakeeping / ship motion simulations / electoric propulsion ships / Multi-hull ships
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