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Assistant Professor
Affiliation Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life
Discipline Physical Chemistry
Academic Degrees The University of Tokyo M.D.
The University of Tokyo Ph. D.
Research Fields Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Functional solid state chemistry
Complex systems; Biomolecular science; Biomolecular chemistry
Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Biological physics / Chemical physics / Soft matter physics
Mathematical and physical sciences; Earth and planetary science; Stratigraphy / Paleontology
Research Keywords Origins of life / Droplet world hypothesis on the origin of life / Coacervate / Protocells / Artificial life (Alife) / Artificial cell / Active matter / Self-organization / Self-reproduction / Physical autocatalysis
Comments Synthesizing novel molecules, I construct artificial cells or life to explore universal answers to the questions of "origin of life" and "what is life?" from the perspective of supramolecular chemistry.
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Topic Chemistry
Physics/Physical Property
SDGs 9 Industry, innovation, infrastructure
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