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KAKIMOTO NAOYA Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Dentistry; Pathobiological dentistry / Dental radiology Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Image diagnosis, Radiation therapy
KAKO MAYUMI Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Nursing; Community health nursing disaster nursing, disaster medicine, resilience, community, disaster risk reduction, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, nursing education, community nursing, primary care nursing,
Kaku Masato Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Dentistry; Orthodontics / Pediatric dentistry osteoclast / Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
KAMBARA TOSHIMUNE Social sciences; Psychology; Educational psychology
Informatics; Human informatics; Cognitive science
Informatics; Human informatics; Kansei informatics
Social sciences; Psychology; Experimental psychology
Humanities; Philosophy; Religious studies
Complex systems; Brain sciences; Brain biometrics
Humanities; Linguistics; Linguistics
language / perception / action / emotion
KAMEDA SUGURU Engineering; Electrical and electronic engineering; Communication / Network engineering Satellite Communication / Heterogeneous Network / Spread Spectrum Communication / Mobile Communication Network
KAMEI NAOSUKE Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical surgery; Orthopaedic surgery Cell transplantation / Vascular regeneration / Spinal cord regeneration / Cartilage regeneration
KAMEI SAYAKA Informatics; Principles of Informatics; Theory of informatics Distributed Algorithms
KAMIMOTO SHINGO Mathematical and physical sciences; Mathematics; Basic analysis Asymptotic analysis, Algebraic analysis, Resurgent analysis
KAMINUMA OSAMU Agricultural sciences; Animal life science; Veterinary medical science
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Basic medicine; Immunology
Agricultural sciences; Boundary agriculture; Applied molecular and cellular biology
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Pharmacy; Biological pharmacy
Experimental Animals, Immunology, Genetic modification, Somatic cell clone, Artificial chromosome, T cell, Allergy
KAMITE YUKA Social sciences; Psychology; Clinicapl s ychology identity, trauma, disability acceptance, youth and adolescent, psychoanalytic psychotherapy
KAMIYA HIROYUKI Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Pharmacy; Biological pharmacy
Environmental science; Environmental analyses and evaluation; Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Pharmacy; Medical pharmacy
DNA damage, DNA repair, genome editing, gene correction
Kanawa Masami Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical surgery; Plastic surgery mesenchymal stem cell / osteogenesis / adipogenesis / chondrogenesis / differentiation predict marker
Kaneda Kazufumi Informatics; Human informatics; Perceptual information processing
Informatics; Computing Technologies; High performance computing
Computer Graphics / Visualization / Image Processing / Visual Computing
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