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MATSUMOTO DAISUKE Biological Sciences; Genome science; Medical genome science
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Pharmacy; Drug development chemistry
Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Bio-related chemistry
Gene therapy / Genome Editing
Matsumoto Hitoshi Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities curriculum / character / shosha / Improvement of Handwriting Skills / stroke order / The handwriting education history
MATSUMOTO MAI Metaphysical Poetry / American Poetry / Cats and Literature / Magnetism and Literature in Early Modern England
MATSUMURA TAKESHI Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Condensed matter physics II strongly correlated electron systems / x-ray scattering / neutron scattering
Matsumura Yukihiko Engineering; Integrated engineering; Energy engineering Biomass Organic Waste / Supercritical Fluid
MATSUNAGA KYOKO Humanities; Literature; Literature in English
Matsunami Katsuyoshi Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Pharmacy; Natural medicines Natural products chemistry
Matsuo Hiroaki Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Collagenous pathology / Allergology
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Pharmacy; Medical pharmacy
Clinical pharmacy / Food allergy / IgE / allergen
MATSUO KOICHI Biology; Biological Science; Biophysics Synchrotron Radiation, Circular Dichroism, and Biomolecule
MATSUO MIKI Bacteriology, oral bacteriology Antibacterial agents resistance Microbiome
MATSUO MUNEYUKI Chemistry; Applied chemistry; Functional solid state chemistry
Complex systems; Biomolecular science; Biomolecular chemistry
Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Biological physics / Chemical physics / Soft matter physics
Mathematical and physical sciences; Earth and planetary science; Stratigraphy / Paleontology
Origins of life / Droplet world hypothesis on the origin of life / Coacervate / Protocells / Artificial life (Alife) / Artificial cell / Active matter / Self-organization / Self-reproduction / Physical autocatalysis
Matsushima Akihito Environmental science; Environmental analyses and evaluation; Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals hydrogenation / enone / plant
MATSUSHIMA TAKESHI Humanities; Cultural anthropology; Cultural anthropology Shizengaku, Ecological turn, Umwelt, Zomia, Mental Health, Italy, Terrestrial, Cultures of fermentation
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