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NABESHIMA KUNIHIKO Engineering; Architecture and building engineering; Building structures / Materials Structural Health Monitoring / System Identification
NAGAI HIDEO Engineering; Electrical and electronic engineering; Electronic materials / Electric materials Semiconductor, Laser, Light Emitting Diode, Lighting, Optics, Phosphor, Patent, Interllectual Property, IP Strategy
NAGAMACHI AKIKO Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Hematology
Nagamatsu Masayasu Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities teacher education / computer education / technology education
NAGAMATSU SHOGO Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical surgery; Plastic surgery head and neck reconstruction, breast reconstruction, reconstructive surgery, free flap transfer, microsurgery, postoperative assessment, intractable ulcer, wound healing, congenital anomaly, clinical photographic recording, medical illustration
Naganuma Takeshi Biology; Basic biology; Biodiversity / Systematics Lichen / Sturgeon / deep-sea / Antarctica / deserts / space / extreme environment
Nagaoka Toshinori Agricultural sciences; Agricultural chemistry; Plant nutrition / Soil science Soil / Soil organic matter| / Phosphorus / Soil microorganisms / Soil-borne disease
NAGAO MASATAKA Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Society medicine; Legal medicine
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Pharmacy; Medical pharmacy
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Society medicine; Hygiene and public health
Noncholinergic mechanism of nerve agent / Rat having acquired resistance to paraquat / Analysis of paraquat resistant rat having head dysplasia / Medical toxicant immunoassay / Clinical forensic medicine
NAGASAKA ITARU Humanities; Cultural anthropology; Cultural anthropology
Humanities; Philosophy; Area studies
Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
migration / transnationalism / Philippines / 1.5 generation / masculinity / Italy / family / kinship / marriage migration / housing policy
Nagasaki Toshikazu Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Dentistry; Pathobiological dentistry / Dental radiology MRI / Swallow / swallowing sound / Magnetoencephalography / dysphagia
NAGASAWA HIROKI Engineering; Process / Chemical engineering; Properties in chemical engineering process / Transfer operation / Unit operation Membrane separation / Atmospheric-pressure plasma / Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition / Silica Membrane / Functional thin film / Molecular sieving
NAGASAWA KEISUKE Complex systems; Social / Safety system science; Social systems engineering / Safety system Industrial Engineering / Supply chain management / Production management / Inventory management / Logistics
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