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OBA JUN Social sciences; Education; Education staff development(SD) / France / higher education
Obitsu Taketo Agricultural sciences; Animal life science; Animal production science lactating cows / digestion and metabolism / automatic milking system / milk / diestive tract / Protein / Amino acids / bioactive food components / mitigating greenhouse gas emission / animal feed
OCHIAI HIROSHI Biology; Biological Science; Molecular biology
Biological Sciences; Genome science; System genome science
Environmental science; Environmental analyses and evaluation; Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals
Biological Sciences; Genome science; Medical genome science
single cell analysis / pluripotent stem cells / ES cell / CRISPR / Live imaging / Gene expression noise / zinc-finger nuclease / TALEN / SNP
Ochi Mitsuo Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical surgery; Orthopaedic surgery Anterior cruciate ligament / reconstruction / disorder / cartilage / Cultured chondrocyte / ligament / sports / culture / Musculo-skeletal disorder
ODA KOUSUKE Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Basic medicine; Virology
Biology; Biological Science; Structural biochemistry
Paramyxovirus / Structural biochemistry / Accessory protein / Drug discovery
ODA RYOYA Informatics; Principles of Informatics; Statistical science Multivariate analysis; model selection; asymptotic theory
ODA YUKI Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Dentistry; Social dentistry
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Dentistry; Periodontology
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Dentistry; Orthodontics / Pediatric dentistry
Research of caries risk of individuals with intellectual disabilities / Research of the risk of periodontal diseases in patients with intellectual disabilities / Research of the influence of L8020 to caries risk of patients with intellectual disabilities / Research of the risk of periodontal disease in patients with intellectual disabilities / A study on dental problems of patients with disabled / A study on PBL task for dental problem of patients with mental retardation
Ogashiwa Yoko Social sciences; Politics; International relations International Relations / regional cooperation/regionalism / transnationalism / Pacific Island Countries / Asia-Pacific / Sea Region
OGATA AKIKO Social sciences; Psychology; Clinicapl s ychology
OGATA HITOMI Complex systems; Health / Sports science; Sports science
OGATA YOICHI Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Fluid engineering
OGAWA KEIKO Social sciences; Psychology; Experimental psychology Cognitive neuro science, sleep, dreaming, emotion, memory, eye movement, visual information processing, brain wave
OGAWA MITSUHIRO Career Education / Youth Studies / Vocational Education & Training / Transition from school to job / Sociology of Education
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