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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
Uemura Nobuyuki Engineering; Architecture and building engineering; Town planning / Architectural planning Preservation of historical area / Campus removal planning. / City Planning / Safty and Health
Ueno Masaru Biology; Basic biology; Genetics / Chromosome dynamics
Agricultural sciences; Boundary agriculture; Applied molecular and cellular biology
Yeast / Chromosome / Telomere
Ueno Satoru Agricultural sciences; Agricultural chemistry; Food science crystallization / triacylglycerol / ultrasound stimulation / fats / polymorphic crystallization / crystallization / W/O)" / winter adaptation / triacylglycerol
UENO TAKAHUMI Humanities; Linguistics; Linguistics Linguisitcs, Italian, Japanese, English, Syntax, Morphology, Unaccusative, Complement Sentence, Complementizer, Historical Linguistics
UJIMA KAZUHITO Social sciences; Education; Special needs education reading / assessment / Education of Visual Impairment People / Assistive Technology
Ukena Kazuyoshi Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Basic medicine; Environmental physiology (including physical medicine and nutritional physiology)
Biology; Basic biology; Animal physiology / Animal behavior
Biology; Basic biology; Morphology / Structure
Neurometabolism, Neuroendocrinology, Zoology
UMEDA TAKASHI Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Particle / Nuclear / Cosmic ray / Astro physics
Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities
Finite temperature Lattice QCD / Physics Education Research / Physics Education
UMEHARA AKIRA Environmental science; Sustainable and environmental system development; Environmental and ecological symbiosis Biotic Index / Cyanobacteria / Ecology / Coastal area / Environmental Toxicology / Biological productivity
UMEHARA TAKASHI Agricultural sciences; Animal life science; Animal production science Animal reproduction, Reproductive biology, Reproductive technology
UMEMURA TOMOTAKA Social sciences; Psychology; Educational psychology parent-child relationships, friendships, and romantic relationships / Developmental Psychology / Attachment theory
Umeo Kazunori Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Condensed matter physics II Heavy Fermion System / High Pressure / Low Temperature
Umino Tetsuya Agricultural sciences; Applied aquatic science; Aquatic bioproduction science stock enhancement / black sea bream / stock enhancemant / genetic diversity / population genetics / migration history / fish nutrition
URABE YUJI Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Gastroenterology
Urabe Yukio Complex systems; Biomedical engineering; Rehabilitation science / Welfare engineering knee joint|knee extension torque / ankle and foot injury|ACL / Brace|sports injury / Knee joint / ankle joint / Knee injury / Ankle joint / Knee arthrometer / taping / Jump activity
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