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Integrated Arts and Human Sciences Program

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
Kondo Tohru Informatics; Computing Technologies; Information network Cloud/Edge Computing / Multimedia Communication / Internet Architecture
Kuwajima Hideki Humanities; Art studies; Aesthetics and studies on art
Humanities; Art studies; Art at large
Humanities; Philosophy; History of thought
Aesthetics of the Sublime / Edmund Burke and His Cultural Background: History of the !8th Century Britain and Ireland / Geo-Aesthetics, or Aesthetics on Nature / Aesthetics on the Image of Landscape, or Nostalgia / Philosophy on the HIROSHIMA Representation / Irish Cinema and Irish Art Culture / Aesthetics of the Celtic Culture
Lee Dong Suk Humanities; Philosophy; Area studies Economic Multi-layered Structure / World Multi-layered Structure / Multi-layered Structure of World Economy
LEE YUHUI Humanities; Literature; Literature in general Japanese language literature,Colonial period,Chinese language education
MACHIDA AKIRA Humanities; Linguistics; Linguistics Semantics / Cognitive Linguistics / perspective / Linguistics / subjectivity / passive
MARUTA TAKASHI Humanities; History; History of Asia and Africa Political Ceremony / Political Symbol / Folk Custom / Chinese Communist Party
Matoba Izumi contemporary literature / the United States of America / cultural studies / the 20th Century / war representation / Vladimir Nabokov / movies
MIZOBUCHI MASAKI Humanities; History; History of Asia and Africa
Social sciences; Politics; Politics
Social sciences; Politics; International relations
Foreign Policy of the United States / Military Technology / Regional Order / International Political Economy / comparative politics / Security Studies / Middle Eastern Studies / International Relations
Mizuha Nobuo Humanities; History; History of Asia and Africa Nationalism / Urban Culture / intellectuals / Liberalism / Liberalism / Democracy
NAGASAKA ITARU Humanities; Cultural anthropology; Cultural anthropology
Humanities; Philosophy; Area studies
Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
migration / transnationalism / Philippines / 1.5 generation / masculinity / Italy / family / kinship / marriage migration / housing policy
Nagata Hiroaki Humanities; History; History of Europe and America Zionism / Germany / Antisemitism / Jews / Anti-Semitism / Jewish Question / Identity / Mixed Partentage with Jews
NAKAMURA ERI Complex systems; Sociology / History of science and technology; Sociology / History of science and technology
Humanities; History; Japanese history
Humanities; Philosophy; Gender
war disabled / medical record / masculinity / archives / psychiatry / military / war / modernity / trauma / Japanese modern history
Nakatsubo Takayuki Biology; Basic biology; Ecology / Environment Ecosystem Ecology / Physiological Ecology / Conservation Ecology / Carbon Cycle / Polar Ecosystems / Succession / Plant / Microorganism
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