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Asano Toshihisa Humanities; Human geography; Human geography Ecomuseum / environmental conservation|socil movement / forest on the country side|environmental management / Utilization of nature|Ramsar wetland / regional planning / regional differences / civic participation / Nature consevation / environmental movement
FUNCK CAROLIN ELISABETH HANNA Complex systems; Geography; Geography
Humanities; Philosophy; Tourism Studies
Island tourism / Sustainable tourism / tourist destination / innovation / international tourism
GOTO TAKUYA Complex systems; Geography; Geography
Humanities; Human geography; Human geography
Agricultural Geography / Agribusiness / Companies' Entry into Agriculture / Japan / India
GOTOU HIDEAKI Complex systems; Geography; Geography active fault / Geomorphology / Geographical Information System / Digital elevation model / Median Tectonic Line
JANG KYUNGJAE Humanities; Philosophy; Tourism Studies Contents Tourism, Popular Culture, Regional Development
Kumahara Yasuhiro Complex systems; Geography; Geography fieldwork / active fault / Himalayas
Tomozawa Kazuo Humanities; Human geography; Human geography Economic Geography / Industrialization / Learning / Automobile Industry / India / Industrial Agglomuation
Yui Yoshimichi Humanities; Human geography; Human geography gender / Urban Geography / housing study / Urban study in India / geographical education|ESD
ZOLLET SIMONA Agricultural sciences; Agricultural science in society and economy; Agricultural science in rural society and development Rural revitalization; Urban to Rural migration; Lifestyle entrepreneurship; Sustainable lifestyles; Newcomer farmers; Alternative Food Networks; Organic farming; Agroecology
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