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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
FUKUDA ATSUSHI Social sciences; Education; Education Educational Methods / Study of Guidance
HUANG FUTAO Social sciences; Education; Sociology of education
Social sciences; Education; Education
Designing University and College Curriculum, Internationalization of Higher Education, Academic Profession, Chinese Higher Education
Komiyama Michio Social sciences; Education; Education pedagogy , educational history in Japan , history of university, history of higher education , school history education, secondary education, modern state, educational history, specialized instruction, medical pedagogy
Kuwayama Hisashi Social sciences; Education; Sociology of education Internatinal Cooperation in Education
Maruyama Yasushi Social sciences; Education; Education Ethics of Education / Philosophy of Education / Teacher Educator / Professional Ethics Education / Post-colonialism / Otherness / Professionalism of Teaching / Wittgenstein
MATSUDA YAKA Social Education / Lifelong Learning / Education Welfare / Social Pedagogy / Inclusive Education / Special Needs Education / Sweden / Nordic countries
MINAMIURA RYOSUKE Social sciences; Education; Education
Humanities; Linguistics; Japanese language education
Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities
Study of Educational Methods/ Pedagogy / Education for Cultural Linguistical Diversity / curriculum studies / Educational evaluation / Inclusive / citizenship education / social education / Education of Japanese as a Second Language / teacher education
Miyasato Tomoe Social sciences; Education; Education Moral Education / Curriculum
NAKATSUBO FUMINORI Complex systems; Childhood science; Childhood science (childhood environment science)
Social sciences; Education; Education
Professional Development / Early Childhood Teachers / Qualitative Research / Early Childhood Education and Care Conference / Fieldwork / Comparative Culture
NAKAYA AYAMI Social sciences; Education; Sociology of education Local curriculum, Peace Education, Indonesia
Nanakida Atsushi Social sciences; Education; Education young children / child rearing / childrenwith special needs
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