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GANGOPADHYAY ANJASHA Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Particle / Nuclear / Cosmic ray / Astro physics
Mathematical and physical sciences; Astronomy; Astronomy
supernovae, transients, astrophysical objects
GARCIA RUIZ CASTILLO CARLOS Humanities; Linguistics; Foreign language education Interactional Competence / Conversation Analysys
GE HONG Social sciences; law; New fields of law Personal information protection law , Right to information and privacy, Personality rights
Gondo Atsuko Social sciences; Education; Education on school subjects and activities
GONZALES CHRYZEL ANGELICA BABAAN Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Boundary medicine; Medical Physics and Radiological Technology
Environmental science; Environmental analyses and evaluation; Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Radiation science
radiation disaster medicine, radiation protection, accident dosimetry, retrospective dosimetry, health physics, medical physics, ESR
GOTO DAISAKU Social sciences; Economics; Public finance / Public economy
Social sciences; Economics; Economic policy
Environmental science; Sustainable and environmental system development; Environmental policy and social systems
GOTO HIDEKI Spectroscopy with lasers / Semiconductor optical devices / Fabrication of novel semiconductors / Quantum information processing / Quantum photonics / Optical properties in semiconductor nanostructures
Gotoh Takehiko Engineering; Process / Chemical engineering; Properties in chemical engineering process / Transfer operation / Unit operation functional polymer / polymergel / environmental responsive / phase-transition / kinetics / rheology / adsorption / Gel / polymer
GOTO TAKUYA Complex systems; Geography; Geography
Humanities; Human geography; Human geography
Agricultural Geography / Agribusiness / Companies' Entry into Agriculture / Japan / India
GOTOU HIDEAKI Complex systems; Geography; Geography active fault / Geomorphology / Geographical Information System / Digital elevation model / Median Tectonic Line
GOTOU HIROSHI Humanities; Philosophy; Philosophy / Ethics Virtue / Value / Phenomenology / Person
GOTOU YUUTA Humanities; Philosophy; Philosophy / Ethics Nihilism / Nietzsche / Heidegger / Bioethics / Information Ethics
GRAJDIAN MARIA MIHAELA Humanities; Art studies; Art at large Media Studies, Popular Culture, Japanese Studies, Musicology, Anthropology
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