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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
Kaneko Fumiko Social sciences; Sociology; Social welfare and social work studies
Complex systems; Biomedical engineering; Rehabilitation science / Welfare engineering
Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry / Psychosocial rehabilitation
KANEKO HAJIME modern China's history / history of constitutional government in mudern China / history of administration and finance of central and provincial governments in modern China / Shanghai/Commercial and Industrial Trade Associations / Shanghai/trade system / Shanghai/administration of tax matters
Kaneko Shinji Environmental science; Sustainable and environmental system development; Environmental policy and social systems
Engineering; Civil engineering; Civil and environmental engineering
Development and Environment / Poverty and Environment / Environmental Economics / Environmental Policy / Climate Policy / Urbanization and Environment / Renewable Energy
KANEMOTO SOSHI Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Basic medicine; General medical chemistry
Biological Sciences; Neuroscience; Neurochemistry / Neuropharmacology
Biology; Biological Science; Molecular biology
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical surgery; Orthopaedic surgery
apoptosis / ER stress
KANEYASU YOSHINO Oral health, School dental health
KANEZASHI MASAKOTO Engineering; Process / Chemical engineering; Properties in chemical engineering process / Transfer operation / Unit operation Sol-Gel Method / Membrane Separation and Technology / Gas Separation / Pore Size Control / Microporous Structure Control
KANNO KEISHI Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Gastroenterology Hepatic fibrosis / Hepatic lipid metabolism / Extracellular matrix / Renin-angiotensin system
KAN TAKANOBU Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Dermatology
Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Dermatology
malignant melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, extramammary paget's disease, burn, wound healing, regenerative medicine
KANZAKI RIEKO Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical surgery; Anesthesiology malignant hyperthermia / genetic screening / Next-generation sequencer
KARAKAWA SHUHEI Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Clinical internal medicine; Pediatrics
KARASHIMA RYOKEN Social sciences; law; Public law
KASARAGOD DEEPA KAMATH Complex systems; Biomedical engineering; Biomedical engineering / Biomaterial science and engineering Optical Imaging, Microscopy, Brain Imaging, Neurophotonics, Optical Coherence Tomography
KASHIMA SAORI Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy; Society medicine; Hygiene and public health Air Pollution / Health Information / Environmental health / Global Health / GISc
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