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Teaching Japanese as a Second Language Program

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
KOGUCHI YUKIKO Humanities; Linguistics; Japanese language education
Matsumi Norio Social sciences; Psychology; Educational psychology reading and listening comprehension / shadowing / working memory / word processing / memory of words and phrases / motor imagery / second language / Japanese / sign language / cognitive processes
NAGATA RYOTA Humanities; Linguistics; Japanese language education
NAKAYAMA AKIKO Humanities; Linguistics; Japanese language education
Social sciences; Education; Sociology of education
Life stories / Cross-Cultural education / Sociology of education / Teaching Japanese as a Second/ Foreign Language
NISHINA YOKO Humanities; Linguistics; Linguistics
Humanities; Linguistics; Japanese linguistics
Humanities; Linguistics; Japanese language education
General linguistics, Language typology, Contrastive linguistics, Functional linguistics, Japanese as a second language, foreign language education
Shirakawa Hiroyuki Humanities; Linguistics; Japanese linguistics Japnanese linguistics / modality / Pedagogical grammar / leaving unsaid / function / Japanese language education / Subordinate clauses / sentence-final particle
WATANABE TOMOKO Humanities; Linguistics; Japanese language education Japanese|sssessment / syllabus / livelihood support / item analysis / Japanese acquisition / needs of learner / instruction system / tlacement Test / lorpus of learner Japanese / community -based teaching Japanese as a second languege
Yanagisawa Hiroya Humanities; Linguistics; Japanese linguistics criticism / criticism / rhetoric / rhetoric
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