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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
MATSUNAGA KYOKO Humanities; Literature; Literature in English
MIYAGAWA AKIKO Humanities; Literature; European literature Popular literature / naturalism
MIZOBUCHI SONOKO Humanities; Literature; Literature in general Comparative Literature / Translated Literary / Cultural Representation / Modern Japanese Literature / Modern and Contemporary Russian Literature / Cultural Exchange
NAKAMURA TAIRA Humanities; Philosophy; Area studies Japanese Studies, Anthropology, Japanese Colonialism, Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples, Historical Experiences, Autoethnography, Decolonization
NAKAMURA YASUO Humanities; History; Japanese history
Engineering; Architecture and building engineering; Architectural history / Design
NARA KATSUJI Humanities; History; Japanese history Meiji Restoration / Neo Confucianism / Treaty / Antibarbarism / Kōgi
NEMOTO HIROSHI Humanities; Philosophy; Chinese philosophy / Indian philosophy / Buddhist studies Buddhist thought / Tibet / Madhyamaka / Theory of Time / Tsong kha pa
Nojima Hisashi Humanities; History; Archaeology Chiefdom Societies / Burial Mounds in the Yayoi Period / The Yayoi Period / Iron Culture / The Kofun Period / Casting Iron Hardware / Archaeology / Ritual Deposit Site / Excavation / Forged Iron Hardware
Ogawa Tsuneo Humanities; Literature; Chinese literature Huang Zunxian / poetry / Yuefu / Qing-dynasty / Liuzhao-dynasty
OGAWA YOKO Humanities; Literature; Japanese literature
OHCHI SHINSUKE Humanities; Literature; Literature in English American literature / William Faulkner
OHNO HIDESHI Humanities; Literature; Literature in English History of English Language and Chaucer's Langauge
OKAMOTO SHIMPEI Humanities; Philosophy; Philosophy / Ethics Ethics / British Philosophy / Applied Ethics
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