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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
AMANO SHUICHI Humanities; Linguistics; Foreign language education applied linguistics / English language teaching
Aoki Toshio Humanities; Philosophy; Area studies
Social sciences; Education; Sociology of education
education/culture / nationalism / Mexico
ARAMI HIROSHI Humanities; Literature; Chinese literature
Asano Toshihisa Humanities; Human geography; Human geography Ecomuseum / environmental conservation|socil movement / forest on the country side|environmental management / Utilization of nature|Ramsar wetland / regional planning / regional differences / civic participation / Nature consevation / environmental movement
CHE JINSOKU Humanities; Philosophy; Area studies
Humanities; Literature; Literature in general
Korean Literature / Korean Culture / Postcolonialism
Clenton Jon Humanities; Linguistics; Foreign language education
FUKUDA SATOSHI Social sciences; Sociology; Sociology
FUNCK CAROLIN ELISABETH HANNA Complex systems; Geography; Geography
Humanities; Philosophy; Tourism Studies
Island tourism / Sustainable tourism / tourist destination / innovation / international tourism
GRAJDIAN MARIA MIHAELA Humanities; Art studies; Art at large Media Studies, Popular Culture, Japanese Studies, Musicology, Anthropology
Hasegawa Hiroshi Complex systems; Health / Sports science; Sports science exercise / body temperature / performance / heat stroke / central fatigue / cognition / performance / soccer / Recovery / Conditioning
Hasegawa Takumi Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Condensed matter physics II rattling / electron-lattice interaction / anharmonicity
HASHIMOTO SHINTARO Mathematical and physical sciences; Mathematics; Foundations of mathematics / Applied mathematics Bayesian Statistics / Higher order asymptotics / Information inequalities / Monte Carlo methods / Non-regular statistical models
Hatakenaka Noriyuki Interdisciplinary science and engineering; Applied physics; Optical engineering, Photon science Bell inequalities
Hayashi Mitsuo Social sciences; Psychology; Experimental psychology sleep inertia|Vigilance / Performance|nap / biological rhythm|sleep / Human|Ultradian Rhythm / self-awakening / Sleepiness / vigilance level / sleep-wake habits / Biological Rhythm / sleep
Higashitani Seiji Mathematical and physical sciences; Physics; Condensed matter physics II
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