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Mechanical Engineering

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Name Research Fields Research Keywords
Matsumura Yukihiko Engineering; Integrated engineering; Energy engineering Biomass Organic Waste / Supercritical Fluid
MIYAOKA HIROKI Engineering; Material engineering; Structural / Functional materials Hydrogen, Hydrogen storage, Hydrogen production, Energy conversion, Nitrides, Ammonia, Sustainable material science, Analysis technique
MIYOSHI AKIRA Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Thermal engineering
Chemistry; Basic chemistry; Physical chemistry
Combustion Chemistry / Chemical Kinetics
MURAMATSU HISAYOSHI Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Intelligent mechanics / Mechanical systems
Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Dynamics / Control
Informatics; Human informatics; Human interface and interaction
Motion Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Control Engineering, Human-Robot Interaction
Namba Shinichi Mathematical and physical sciences; Plasma science; Plasma science plasma spectroscopy / atomic process / X-ral laser
OGATA YOICHI Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Fluid engineering
OGAWA YUKI Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Materials / Mechanics of materials
ookura kazuhiro Informatics; Human informatics; Intelligent robotics
Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Intelligent mechanics / Mechanical systems
Decentralized autonomous systems, Swarm robotics, Machine intelligence
Sasaki Gen Engineering; Material engineering; Material processing / Microstructural control engineering Squeeze Casting / Microstructure / Hot-Pressing / Transmission Electron Microscopy / Aluminium alloy / Anodic Bonding / Composite
Sekiya Katsuhiko Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Production engineering / Processing studies cutting|machining / cutting tool|cutting / difficult-to-cut material|Ultra-precision / work peice material|adhesion / machin tool|monitoring / precision / difficult-to-cut / free machining / cutting / cutting tool material
shimokuri daisuke Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Thermal engineering
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